Dad’s Poem

A while ago I wrote a poem from my Dad to me.

They were words I really needed to hear at the time, from my Dad, so I wrote them in a way that I could hear.

A little weird I know, perhaps even binkers but now whenever I read the poem I am comforted.

I wanted to share…


You are Beautiful

You are Amazing

I see stars in You

You Gorgeous, gorgeous child of mine.


Take my love and let it lift You up.

Use it to realise Your dreams,

Your true, priceless worth.


Take this father’s love and let it

give You wings, to stretch

Yourself until You know no bounds.


Because You are more amazing than

anything I have ever seen.


You are my child, more precious than You will ever know.

You are my child, beloved with all my heart.


You are of the goddess

Powerful, Mysterious, beyond my measure

A mystery from the stars, sent to fill me with wonder and amazement.


You are my child

My Child made of the stars – I love you.

With all my heart.


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