Thinking less, doing more

Confidence crisis…

Or trust crisis.

Or something.

Actually, I’m not so sure it’s even a crisis, so much as a perpetual questioning.

Can I do this?

“This” being a full time job, university, starting a wee sewing business and a bit of a social life and some sleep.

Maybe, maybe find someone to lavish with love and attention along the way?


Feels like a big ask.

And then I make a petticoat.

Or come up with a totally doable project or design (even with my limited pattern cutting skills) or buy an overlocking machine and my heart sings with the possibility.

But get this:

I did make a petticoat.

I have found an overlocker for a steal. Or just a really good price actually.

I do get unbelievably excited over designs in my head and I’m sketching.

I have fabric and I have patterns.

I have a project book where I write everything down.

I have a plan, of sorts – alternate days – sewing, uni, personal and so on.

And a new motto – “Think less, do more.”

Because when I start to think and think and think and think and think and think and think. Okay- you get the picture.

I get frozen in my mind and all action goes out the door, until my brain finds a perfect solution.

But by doing – guess what I am doing it.

I think.

In the mean time – here’s another cute picture of George. You may think this is favouritism as I never have pictures of Stout. But Stout runs away – seriously.

George just poses.


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