The Petticoat – at last!

The Petticoat



So there you have it – my first petticoat.

Sewn without pattern and just kinda thrown together, in a day for the next evening.

Experimenting with my new ruffler foot.

I discovered that yes, it makes gathering much much easier but, hell did I need a lot of fabric.

So worth it though – totally makes me more feminine than I can possibly describe.

And it made my dress look AWESOME.


Oh, oh yeah – and you can go “floof, floof” with your skirt when you have it on.


I say every girl should have one.


2 Responses

  1. It’s gorgeous! I am duly impressed, esp with the fabric you used. Aren’t specialty feet great? “Floof floof!”

  2. I believe that it is necessary I have one of these. I think my life would be impossibly better if I had a petticoat to floof around in.

    And I have the perfect 50’s style summer dress to go with it….

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