In Praise of the Negative

I don’t know, seems to me that everyone these days is all about the positive and not nearly enough credence gets given to the good old negative.

The truly immeasurable, therapeutic value of a spectacular moan is often lost in a chorus of, “Yes but, look at it this way…”

The thing is – I don’t want to.


Not even close.

If I wanted to I would not be having this conversation with you.

If I wanted to appreciate the silver lining then that is what I would be looking at and praising right about now.

I would be all like, “Hey!!! Check out this amazing silver lining I just found. Isn’t it just wonderful and marvellous and the bestest thing ever?” and other such annoying things.

What I want to do is have a good old moan, so please, please, for all that is good and holy in this life, do not start sprouting off telling me to be positive about the situation.

Because I am not stupid.

I will get round to feeling positive when I am good and ready

Right now, what I need is some mutual appreciation of the shittiness of my current situation.

Some permission to not want to do the thing…

Some hand holding and cuddling. Some cheerleading and understanding.

Some remembering that we are all human here – still. In spite of our best endeavours.

Don’t worry – I will do the thing, I just want to be allowed not to want to.

It is shitty – why do I have to pretend that it is lovely and pretty and pink and covered in bows?

Shit covered in bows and pinkness looks like… shit covered in bows and pinkness. Brown and pink…

Which is just stupid if you ask me.

Because it is shit and there is no harm in calling it shit if you ask me.

(You are reading my blog, so I am going to assume you are asking me okay? Okay.)

Actually – doing just that may have prevented cholera in quite a few instances.

Look where dressing that up as “we don’t have a problem here” got people.

Dead mostly.

Huh? Huh? You see – I do have a point after all.


So there.


2 Responses

  1. Ms. Wormy – This is spot on. And the shit notes cracked me up!! Cholera, indeed!

    There really IS something good about saying “it’s shit” when it IS shit! And when there’s a silver lining, we usually WILL find it and make note and enjoy it – WHEN we’re ready (and not before).

    I “get” that many people are trying to help when they jump right smack into the silver lining speech, but argggh! – just a bit of hand holding (like you mentioned) is SOOO much more helpful (not to mention respectful).

    I could go on a rant here (maybe I did – grin) – Happy Shit Talk is a pet peeve of mine. Thanks for this post!!

  2. You are absolutely right, and you are completely allowed to be in the Shit Place for as long as you damn well feel like it. In fact, go you for even being able to look it in the face and call it Shit. Whatever you’re going through is really hard and YOU have the right to call it that. Only you. For as long as you damn well want. You’re completely allowed to moan and whine a little bit, too. And, if it helps, I’m holding your hand and sending you hugs. And when you’re ready, I can send you a broom, to clean it up if you want, or thwack it with the handle. Completely your choice. I’ll cheer you on either way. 🙂

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