2010 – In a word

Last year I chose a word, rather than a resolution. I chose Love and I certainly learnt a lot about it.

I imagine there are still a lifetime’s worth of lessons to learn about it, but I think I got at least some stuff straight in my mind.

This year I meant to choose confidence, because I wanted to take what I had learned about love and use it to biggify myself beyond comprehension.

However instead I find myself choosing two different words:

Simplicity and Truth

Because I think these two are in fact, the key to the confidence.

To learn about the truth and to learn that it is simple.

To learn to express the truth and not be afraid of it, even if that sometimes means admitting that there are things that are not perfect.

Simplicity because when you strip back the layers you learn that needs are simple, but wants are complex.

Often in trying to meet the wants you neglect to meet the needs and then all kinds of hard arises.

So I would like to bring in the essence of simplicity and to encourage myself to see the truth in all things, to express the truth, my truth in all cheesiness.


2009 seemed unbelievably complicated.

It was full of unexpected challenges and emotion that seemed to overwhelm.

I am not sad to say goodbye to it, even though all the complication seemed to be out done by huge amounts of loveliness.

At the end of it, I am aware not so much of a chance for a new start as having been set up for 2010.

In which things will be born

For sure, from the uncertainty of 2009 has come the need to ensure that I can be more in control of things which need to be more certain.

I will learn to live simply because if I do not, I will not be able to juggle all the balls I need/ want to juggle in 2010.

I face the start of 2010 with a sense of being required to step into some shoes and fill them.

I sense that simplicity and truth are the two things which will help me do so.


3 Responses

  1. “I would like to bring in the essence of simplicity and to encourage myself to see the truth in all things, to express the truth, my truth in all cheesiness” – sounds like a motto – a great motto – one that makes me smile…

    and “having been set up for 2010” -oh, i LOVE that! gorgeous!!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by SecretWormy, Karen Caterson. Karen Caterson said: RT @SecretWormy Well it's now 2010, so of course I've chosen a word, or words as the case may be. http://tinyurl.com/yfkk4wu <i heart this […]

  3. You’re right – I shall have to scrawl it in lipstick on my mirror I think! 🙂

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