The Turning Point

Stop. Turn.

Solstice – it is here again. Always, it is here.

So it seems apt, at the crux of the year as night turns to day, as the phoenix rises once again from its ashes, born again in the never ending cycle, to look over what has been one helluva year.

It has gone seeming in the blink of an eye and yet this year has been ram packed full of enough experience, emotion and most of all LIFE to last several years.

Looking Back

This time last year when I sat back and pondered what it was I wished to learn about in the one to follow I chanced upon love.

I had in my mind that love was one small thing.

A romantic endeavour which would bring me happiness and all those things defined so perfectly by Hollywood’s ideal.

In my mind, love had eluded me and with that elusion all my chances for happiness etcetera had eluded me too.

I set out to find it.

What I found instead was a lesson.

Never underestimate Love

What I have found is that Love is a big deal.

  1. It is everywhere.
  2. It is not defined by anything and it probably will not be contained by anything.
  3. Ever.
  4. It is a really big deal.

It is about how you see yourself.

It is available in infinite quantities, but how much you apportion yourself is entirely up to you and only you.

In this lies a challenge of mammoth proportions and indeed also power of mammoth proportions.

I have learned that I am really, really scared of this.

Before anything can ensue, first there is the challenge – Love Yourself.

I learned that expecting others to meet with my expectations of love is to give my power away to them.

I learned also that to do this was less frightening to me than taking responsibility for loving me.

When I realised that I could do all that I wanted another to do for me and more, for myself – I got a fright.

It is a lot of responsibility.

I realised why it is that I look to others to be responsible for my emotional welfare.

When you really, truly hold yourself accountable for your life, for your emotions, when you absolutely love yourself and know that first it is your responsibility to look after yourself you realise that there are no excuses.

That is a big deal.

Love, when it is not being dressed up in costumes and makeup or portrayed as the bringer of all things secret, holds you accountable to yourself for yourself.

Love, it turns out, has no business with sissies who like to go around crying, “Poor me.”

It is compassion and it has absolutely no tolerance for bullies (especially when you try to bully yourself), but it also asks tough questions when you are weeping and wailing about the poor deal the universe has heaped upon you.

Love turns your attention to the divine spark which is in each of us and it asks you to wake up and stop imagining that this divine spark is anywhere but inside you.

It tells you that you are the creator of your universe. The universe is not the creator of you.

It says, “Allow yourself happiness and success.”

It says, “Hello God/dess.”

Love reminds you that as the creator of your universe, creations do not happen with the click of a finger but through letting the passion you have live through you.

You put your energy into allowing yourself to be happy rather than trying to make others happy.

You put a step forward, you put the hours in, you plan, and you do because you love.

Love is unconditional – it is for everyone. Passion is not just for idealists and the lucky few.

If you love it – do it. Even if what it is you do is boring old Quantity Surveying.

Love asks difficult questions of you.

It asks why it is you are sitting there allowing the unhappiness.

It asks you why, as the creator of your universe, are you not doing something about it?

It asks gently, but it still asks and when it asks questions like this, it can get a bit uncomfortable because Love requires intimacy.

Intimacy with yourself and if you are not comfortable with this then Love is going to ask you to become so.

Love is a mirror which shows you in your brightest light and says, “Yes, this is you. Now. Always. Now believe it is so.”


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  1. What an extraordinary post – truly rocked my heart. Thank you for writing this!

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