Catching Up

It’s been a long time since I last wrote here.

Going away pretty much stuffs up your entire routine. Now that I’m back I’m feeling like a chicken with very little head left as I juggle social engagements, ball gown creation, work, getting my life back on track and endless time wondering what the hell I’m going to do to earn money when my contract comes to an end.

Last night I dreamt that two close friends were bomb disposal experts…. perhaps there’s something to be explored in that?! They had bells on their ankles attached to ropes as some sort of warning thingymagummy.

Let the analysis begin!

So anyways, India was most incredible.

We saw a real, live tiger in the jungle and everything.

We were swindled as it is only possible to be swindled in India – well and truly.

As a result we spent two, very pointless hours in the local police station.

They have good fans but uncomfortable chairs and we had good books and lots of patience.

We all got an attack of Delhi belly at some point, even though we were nowhere near Delhi.

I am assured the sea food was amazing. I didn’t try for myself since crustaceans and swimming creatures do not float my boat, so to speak.

We performed (?) a puja in a temple up a mountain and I’m sorry to say we giggled like children the whole way through. I hasten to add this was because we did not have a clue what on earth was going on, having stumbled into it inadvertently and it felt rather like we were making it up as we went along. But we got a dot on our foreheads none the less.

And now we’re back, and as I mentioned, there seem to be many, many things to consider and combobulate.

Things seem… frayed and in disarray and it’s up to me to sort them out.

A way forward does seem to be coming together, but the way things have been going it seems prudent to formulate plans b through to f in order to forestall any further banana skin type events from slipping me up in true slap stick humour.

The universe is sick I tell you. It has a very twisted sense of humour.

Or perhaps that’s just me?