Clothes! Hats! Men Dressing Up! Oh, Handbags and Hairstyles – it’s all happening here.

There is much whizzing about my wee brain currently and as things are coming to close on this project.

I’m trying to think of new things to do which will bring in some cold hard cash in the absence of another Quantity Surveying position.

I’d like it, whatever it is, to bring in enough money to get me through university, pay my rent and bills and to allow me to live comfortably.

By living comfortably I mean going on the holidays I’ve planned with my friends, buying things that delight me, buying things that entertain me, spending time with my friends dong social things, and so on.

My thoughts have taken a turn towards sewing, which is really quite scary for me because you see, sewing was my original dream.

I was 16, I had no business know how whatsoever, but I was a demon with a sewing machine. Therefore, I was going to become a designer.

Look, I’m training to be a QS- obviously I did not become a haute couture designer.

So I’m scared of entertaining these thoughts, because what if it all goes wrong again and once more I’m left cleaning the egg off my face?

But my explorations have taken me to some delightful places and I want to share them with you.


Handbags galore.

Such gorgeous patterns and accessories, I really, really want to get into making handbags. Especially the ones on this site.

A man! Who talks about clothes! With passion!

I heart.

Send your gentlemen friends here should they be required to look oh so spiffing and handsome.

Oh yes! I love a man who explains to other men when dressing up for an occasion, “that the reason men’s evening attire is either black or midnight blue is to provide a backdrop against which your lady can shine.”

The site itself is not so great in layout and looks, but oh! It is fun to think of all that dressing up.

Moving on…

Ball gowns!

I am making this one for my housemate for her Christmas Ball. It’s a Vogue Pattern and you can find it here.

And you shall go to the ball Cinderella.

I think I shall get her to model it for me when it is done.

I’m really rather excited.

It’s Autumn! That means Hats!

Cloche hats more importantly.

I look cuteasabutton in cloche hats and I just love, love, love this one from M&S

Och! It’s just too gorgeous.

I’m hoping a fairy or a pink fish might give it to me for my birthday. Who knows?! I can see us being very happy together, especially when teamed with a scarf and gloves and a coat of equal gorgeousness.

Similarly they have this one which would be just perfect for my upcoming trip to India. I can picture it with long white linen trousers and a halter neck top.

Hairstyles! To go with the Hats!

I’m inspired by Holby City.

Dr Valentine in particular:

Whilst not a million miles away from my current hairstyle, her fringe is different – shorter and straighter, not swept off to the side.

More twenties – Me Lika.

Goes with the cloche style hats for sure.

I’m considering copying her.

She did heart surgery last night. Perhaps if I have her hairstyle I can do heart surgery.

Or star in a drama where I can pretend to do heart surgery.

You know I’m joking right – right?!

That’s it for today.

Have you been inspired recently? Tell me more…

4 Responses

  1. Those handbags are too gorgeous! No wonder you want to make some. Do it! Good grief, woman, if you can make that ohmygawdtodiefor gown, you can make a handbag.

    And you can sell them. And you will make some money.

    Dream. Dream big. Now, get to work.

  2. Yes ma’am. I’m going to get my scissors out as we speak.

  3. Wow, I’m so happy I came across your blog through Fluent Self. Don’t get me going on sewing ! I am afraid of not being the best, so I’ve challenged myself to learn how to use my hands to build some confidence and interest into my life!

    I think it’s wonderful you’re getting back into it. Go go!

    (so sad that I admit to fearing the sewing machine when I went to a fashion school:-( shhhhhh;-)

  4. Hi Lydia – yay! You’re here. I found your blog through Havi too – it’s where all the interesting people hang out 😉

    Sewing machines are machines to fear, especially when they eat your precious fabric and create a series of snarled up tangled threads. But I’ve been beating them back up since I was about 9 so I’ve some practice in me!

    Keep going, that’s all I can say. We’re impatient with ourselves as adults learning new skills, expecting to pick things up instantly, when in truth, skills take years to learn and many lessons on the way.

    Thank you for the encouragement as well. Yay. 🙂

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