A Bad Poem…Sorry

Things are pretty tough for me right now, no argument about that.

I am facing a LOT of Hard Stuff to deal with.

And I’m dealing – pretty well too I reckon.

But rather than going into my shell as is my normal pattern I’m trying something new….


So here’s a poem about a hurt that’s in my heart right now.

It’s appalling. But it soothes to write appalling poetry when I’m sad and hurting, and I’ll share even the appalling stuff cos I’ve got no standards here! J

Dear Heart

Hurting so much

Treated with tender touch


So Sad

Hurt incomprehensible

Needing love on a massive scale

To simply soothe the shaky feeling

Wounds open


Gaping need

Making its needs known

Needing love


More love

Still more

Thirst for comfort

To quench the fear


Seeming all encompassing


What next?

Where do I go now?


2 Responses

  1. Pain. It hurts. (Obviously.) But you will feel better. Let your friends keep you going. We are here, some just a Tweet away.

  2. Marie – thank you. Thank you so very much for that kind message. It is lovely and just so… kind.

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