You may now officially call me Aunty Wormy

May I introduce you to my gorgeous new niece?

I give you…. Natasha Jean Gifford. I prefer Monkey Potato Millicent Giffbug but apparently my sister does not agree with me.

Can’t think why. But she can be odd like that.

She was born in the wee hours of Saturday morning and my sister is my hero for going through 28 hours of labour to produce a (quite big) peanut (okay, human baby) weighing a stonking 9lb 8.5oz!

Personally, I’m a little bit in love and I don’t think she looks like a Monkey Potato at all. She’s called that because I thought she would, most babies do to me you see.

So that’s why I’ve not been updating here over the weekend – been otherwise distracted I’m afraid.


6 Responses

  1. Congratulations! Wow, that was a really heroic labour!

  2. Dear Aunty Wormy,

    She. Is. Beeeautiful. Amazing. Look how she is looking us, the world, right in the eye already!



  3. Oh wow! That was my first thought, that baby doesn’t look newborn. She’s so precious! Just gorgeous. Best wishes to your sister for a speedy recovery and blissful new baby transition time and congratulations to you!

  4. Now THAT’s a cute baby!! hope she learns to say “Auntie” better (or faster?) than my granddaughter did – “Auntie” came out “Hoggy” for almost a year – NOT a pleasant name to be called, especially when out shopping!

    Cool – what commenter Heidi said – about her looking at us already!!!!

  5. I know what you mean about her eyes! When she looks at you it really does seem like she’s seeing you properly. Quite amazing if I do say so myself and trying not to sound like a completely biased Aunty!

    Thank you for all the lovely comments, although to be fair I CAN NOT take the credit! It’s my sister who’s done all the disgustingly hard work, poor sausage. I just get to enjoy being the spoiley one now. YAY.

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