Solstice Insights

Happy Litha!

It’s coming up for the Solstice – YIPEEEEE! This is absolutely one of my favourite days of the year.

It holds so many special memories, from the time I stayed up all night at Amesbury and greeted the sun with hundreds of others, to the morning when I crept out of a house before sunrise, resplendent in a purple velvet witchy cloak to cast a circle in the woods and work some lovely earthy magic with a dear friend of mine.

I have no specific plans this weekend for celebrating but I am feeling rather up for an adventure so we’ll see what will happen.

Onto the Insights… oh the insights on comparison

Indeed, comparison. I have been thinking about it lots since it popped into my head at the most unlikely of times last weekend.

Or more specifically – stepping away from comparison.

If you are anything like me (and there’s a good chance you are due to you being human*) then you are quite well versed and practiced in the fine art of comparing yourself to others.

Taking that further, you are probably also quite familiar with finding yourself lacking in comparison.

I am anyway.

I have the most beautiful friends – not just in spirit but in body too. Tall, gorgeous, blonde and full of infectious life affirming laughter and generosity, or tiny, blonde, gorgeous and full of infectious life affirming laughter and generosity, or medium sized, brunette and gorgeous … okay you get the picture!

Anyway, I find myself guilty of comparing myself to them and thinking – hmmm, not so much because I’m nothing like so and so, or my eyes aren’t like so and so’s, or my body’s a different shape to whichever lovely creature I’m thinking of at the time.

So the thought that popped into my head at an unlikely time was….. wait for it…..

I’m perfect just as myself! No comparison needed to justify that thought!


Go on, apply that to any thought about yourself that is around because you are busy having a downer on yourself because you don’t quite measure up.

Replace the comparison with any of the following:

“As myself I am absolutely perfect. Just as I am – compared to no one. Just because I am.”

“I’m doing my job perfectly. More than perfectly! Just as I am, compared to no one. Because I do.”

“People do want to know me, because I am me – perfectly me. Perfectly ME right now, no comparison.”

“Nobody can compare to me, how can I compare to anybody else?”

Or something along those lines – whatever works for you.

Consider for a second if you accepted yourself just as you are right now in this one moment, with absolutely no comparison to the world AT ALL.

Remove from your thinking the need to justify positive aspects to yourself and allow them to be – just because they can.

How much freedom is there in that one thought as the judgements drop away and you give yourself permission to fully flourish as you in this one instance?

Oh do enjoy it petal and make the most of accepting the good of you as well.

You are so worth it!

Just because you are.

*My most sincere apologies if you are not human. I don’t mean to generalise, it’s just that I’ve never knowingly come across any other species that can and does read my blog posts.


One Response

  1. Oh such lovely words, and I so needed to hear them this morning as I prepare for meetings today (zzzzz)!

    Will now try to go evangelize with your message throughout my day… well, after coffee.

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