My Race For Life 2009

Ladiiiiies and Gentlemen – especially the fantabulous ones who sponsored me. I give you……



Oh yes – hot, sweaty (from the sun and the running*) and exceptionally proud of myself as I actually RAN it – the whole way. Not one stop.

That’s 3 miles in 34 minutes, which is only 8 minutes slower than last year. (Last year I trained! But last year, I had also only had 2 hours sleep before doing it …)

I DON’T CARE. I bloody ran it.

I was so sure that I wouldn’t be able to. The stiffness (in my leg muscles and the soreness in my whole body*) I had been feeling after doing just 10 minutes of exercise and the three days of sleep I was needing after that 10 minutes seemed to be proof to me that I would have to give up my hopes of running it, along with any other physical activity I ever enjoyed.

However, I’ve been recovering and feeling better every day, especially since the craniosacral therapy has been helping so much.

So when Sunday dawned, bright and blue with the sun blazing down on Bute Park in Cardiff, I felt like the gods were with me and I made my decision.

I picked a pace (to run at*) – oh so slow and steady and off I went. I was barely out of breath by the end (because I had picked the right pace to run at*) and felt like I would pop out of pride for my little body which has been doing such a marvellous job of getting better.

Anyway, to cut a not- very- interesting- to- anyone- but- me story short – this one’s for you Gran gran.

Boy did it taste good!
















Post Script: I’ve only gone and signed up to the Cardiff Half Marathon on the back of this! It’s only 10.5 miles more – can’t be too hard can it?!

*This is what happens when people with filthy minds read your blog – they giggle at all the innuendo they can find, like little teenage boys, which makes you go through and put disclaimers in brackets after everything. Tut tut.


6 Responses

  1. woo hoo! congrats!!!!!!!

  2. Holy Cow, Congratulations!! 🙂

  3. Yayyyyy for you! If it makes you feel any better, those three miles would have taken me over an hour. (And yes, that’s **running,** not walking.) You’re lightning-fast in my book.

    But it’s not really the time that matters. What matters is that you thought you couldn’t do it, and you tried, and you DID it anyway! Go, you! :o)

  4. Karen, Jenny and Michelle – thank you so much for your kind comments. Needless to say, I am feeling pretty chuffed for myself and am hoping that this signals a turning point for me.

    It has given me the confidence to go ahead with a 50 mile bike ride in September! So fingers crossed!

  5. Congratualtions! So Happy for you!

    (Throwing virtual confetti at you: less messy that way)

    Hmm, makes me want to run myself!

  6. […] ran the Race for Life and was all fired up and enthusiastic about the fact that I ran […]

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