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Wanted – a hunka hunka burnin’ love

Because putting it out there seems to work *somehow*.

Oh I think that title might get me into all sorts of trouble with search engines. Then again that’s assuming search engines will be searching for me. So, needless panic over.

Well a little while ago now I wrote a personal ad that wasn’t one and created a sumptuous dilemma for me to ponder upon, whereby I got to choose my right man. So my Britta jug brain has been filtering all my thought processes and finally here we have it:

“You’re a funny, complex, divine, real flesh & blood human being who’ll inspire my respect and fill me with a little bit of awe and wonder. In return, you’ll be absolutely fascinated in getting to know me as the complex, wonderful person that I am too.

You’ll love to play and have fun. You’ll understand creativity and, in addition, you are responsible and take responsibility for yourself.

I’ll find you gorgeous (but of course) because I’ll be attracted to you both physically and emotionally.

Since I’m into sports, particularly the outdoor ones with a little hint of the extreme, we’ll have some of those interests in common too. You know, it’s absolutely not a problem for me if you’re a little bit of an adrenaline junkie, just as long as you take me with cos I’d like to join in the fun.

Naturally you’ll be a caring and sensitive soul and loving me won’t be a problem for you, nor will being in love with me, or communicating this stuff to me. Of course, you know, the stuff in bed (or out of it) will work and works bloody well, in fact, let’s just say it will sizzle.

Do I need to mention the whole no cheating/ funny business/ messing me about thing? No, of course not, because you’re just not that kind of guy.

I completely love your sense of adventure and the way you like to travel. We have similar interests and because of this we’ll be able to interact/ integrate in each other’s lives happily.

In between having me in hysterics from laughing, you’re happy to listen when I need it and talk when you need it. You choose to grow consciously and are able to engage in other people’s growth/ progress (ok, just mine if we’re being pedantic). You care and take care.

You’re comfortable being assertive and you’re not too shy to talk to me or tell me what you want. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

We fit well into each other’s lives with our respective friends and family enjoying each other’s company.

The particulars! You’re single and looking for the right person too. You’re about my age or a little older. There will be no complicated exes to deal with. You’ll come into my life easily and naturally (not speed dating, internet dating yuck ok).

Lastly, but most definitely not least: You bloody well exist!”

That’s not too much is it? J


4 Responses


    I like him already!
    I made a list like this a long time ago.
    The one thing I did right before the sweetie of my dreams showed up?

    I accepted that this was the person I wanted and that was it and if someone like this didn’t exist, then fine, I’d be single. It sounds so morbid haha, but I think it was about respecting myself and not accepting anything but total, blissful perfection.

    Less than two weeks later, Jess showed up. Took me a month to realize how right it was. But there he was in all his glorious, eerily-similar-to-my-list wonder.

    I can’t wait to see what happens 😀

  2. @smlacyart – Yes, I know what you mean. I’m happy to say to myself this person is the *right* person for me. I am lovely blahdey blahdey blah and so I believe I am absolutely worth this kind of love.
    If it’s not around that’s cool too, because I can just keep on as I am, and I’m very happy as I am.
    I think the key is believing you’re worth love like this, like you say.
    It shall be interesting from here on in… 😀

  3. Perfect! Just brilliant!

  4. What a wonderful person you’re about to get in your life!

    Sending over positive energies and eagerly waiting to hear more when something of relevance comes up… 🙂

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