Ummmm, Nonsense

Well, I’d really like to have something to blog about right now, apart from being physically unable to breathe through my nose of course. Turns out, my head is so chock a block with thoughts (all deep, meaning FULL and hugely profound of course) that I’m just thinking a million blog posts like:

1.  Writing a personal ad (Havi stylee) for the person I’d like to meet (gulp, that one’s a little scary)

2.  Can I be a hippy healer and a Quantity Surveyor – how to balance spirituality and a construction site…

3.  How chuffed I am that I’ve got people commenting on my blog, and how that also scares me. Usual dialog – ummmm how do I respond? What if they want real posts not nonsense? What’s the etiquette? Oh look at me, this is MY blog and I’ll cry if I want to! Etc etc. blah blah blah blah blah blah.

4.  Christmas – The DO NOT give me pity edition. I do actually want to be alone. I’ve had a big year and I want to reflect, learn and rest from it – by myself.

5.  Christmas – why I bake instead of giving gifts edition.

6.  Do I move my blog? Do I sign up to Twitter? Do I really care? Do I have time? What’s important here Wormy Squirmy?  Am I being a huge big hypocrite pushing Dad with his blog and resisting being pushed with mine? Aargh- bladdy questions with answers.

7.  Bring back my sister from Cape Town. Nobody I wish Happy Friday to responds appropriately in her absence, so we’re just going to have to bring her back early. Cos it’s Friday day after tomorrow. Sorry Medem, you’ll just have to accept this is your l’il fish being a mumpara. (I’m jealous … and I’m not gracious when I’m jealous. I just invent silly reasons to bring you back early. Also, cos I miss you a bit)

8.  What do Sock Goblins do over Christmas?  Or do they celebrate Yule? Or Hanukkah? Or do they have their own little sock stealing/ stuffing/ bring in the New Year with a special sock festival that is terribly secret? Oooh, we just don’t know! 

9.  What shall I do for Yule? It’s sneaking up awful fast and I’m going to have to start being mindful of it sometime soon. It needs to be gentle and very personal.

Ah well, maybe I’ll get round to it sometime soon. Perhaps not – suggestions please on what Sock Goblins get up to for the holidays. J


5 Responses

  1. Don’t let comments stop you from writing nonsense. Anyone who comes is here because they like you just as you are. And if they aren’t the rest of us will tell them to shove off.

    I am not sure what Sock Goblins do for the holidays but I am pretty sure that it involves drinking thick beverages (egg nog?) from goblets. Goblin goblets. And then laughing too loudly.

    I want to read all these posts, but will wait patiently as you do what you need to do. This is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs.

    Mazal tov on the makeover-in-progress.

  2. Goblin Goblets? And then laughing too loudly! Oooh it’s too too perfect! 🙂

    And YAY for big protective telling nasty people to shove off – thank you lovely Havi.

  3. I totally agree that you shouldn’t stop writing your fabulous nonsense. Remember, we have long telephone conversations (when I remember to ring you!!!!) where we don’t actually talk about anything vaguely sensible, but laugh for 2 hours. Life is too short not fill it with fun and hilarity, and opening your gob and saying whatever comes into your head because if you don’t say what you think at that moment – it may be lost forever….. Oooh, that was almost deep and as you know I’m extremely shallow – must be the Christmas spirit……

  4. Ah Kath, Kath – you’re lovely to me you are! 🙂 That was almost deep – whooo. And you sent me that text tonight which was positively insightful – careful, all this deep thought – could be dangerous for you…

  5. Yay, I like Kathy. I approve of her filling-life-with-hilarity recommendation. Hmmm, do we need her to have a blog too?

    Anyway, I just popped over to see if I needed to tell anyone to shove off but clearly I don’t because only warm, fun, loving goofball people are drawn into this place.

    Well, aside from the goblins but there’s not much one can do about them.

    Merry Shenanigans!

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