Jim’s Mumblings

Have I ever said that I have a seriously cool Dad? No, I bet you I haven’t. (I have a seriously cool Mum as well but I’ll write about her another time – this one’s about my DAD). I haven’t said because really I haven’t ever known. I mean… I grew up with my Dad being my Dad – I should know right?

But I didn’t. I suspected, cos we used to do all these really cool things together like go camping in Mana Pools (officially the most beautiful spot on this earth) together or shooting (just targets and tin cans before anyone gets hot under the collar…) and driving around being stupid in a Landrover over Zambia. And I guess I get my love of listening to really loud music from him. And writing….

He’s an awesome writer.

I always have, and I always will love his writing…and his pictures – they’re beautiful. The writing and the pictures- incredible combination.

Now he’s started his own blog and I’ll admit to being completely bossy to him about it because it’s been like having to …..drag something/one very reluctant to something they’re going love. Like trying to get an exhausted six year old to bed. By gum they kick and scream and then fall into sleep like it’s heaven. I’m delighted frankly that he’s writing, especially when he writes about doing stuff like sailing and massive adrenalin rushes and other such cool stuff. (Sometimes I blow myself away with my succinct descriptions of awe! Not!) I never knew this stuff growing up. I just knew my Dad, slaving away on the farm making ends meet, doing occasional cool stuff with his daughter when she was home from school on the weekends. What a delight to hear these memories, to learn about my Dad and who he is/ was, how life has shaped him. I love knowing that I’m this man’s daughter. He’s so cool!


I want more…. MORE I TELL YOU…!

*****GO DAD! *****



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