THE Birthday

Yeah, okay… I’ll write about it. Nearly two weeks on, it’s not obvious, is it, that this is a sore subject?? No didn’t think so!

So basically, I got older. Pretty straight forward you’d think since it’s something that happens to everyone. This year it was a Problem. Cos, for some odd reason 27 feels like I should be Growing Up. Which is an idea which fills me with horror and dread. Growed Up = YUK! And why 27 particularly, except that now 30 really doesn’t seem that far away? (Goodness I can see 30 being an even bigger problem now – hold on to your hats as I may have a full on mid life crisis then) {This year I just joked about having one, but actually I’m too poor and can’t afford a Bentley or Aston Martin}.

But I had a fantastic time. My fab fandamily came to Wales for one night specially to have dinner with me at the most fantastic Italian (La Trattoria if you’re interested – it’s well worth a visit) Restaurant in South Wales. A bigger plus is that it is about 10 minutes away from our house. J Friends joined us and it was a night of laughter and giggles. I had to wear the most appalling hat that played Happy Birthday in my ear rather loudly and Martina made me about the most delicious cake ever. And…… and the restaurant even gave me a present – so impressed. During the day in the lead up to this Marti and I spa’d it away in the Vale Hotel, treating ourselves to some serious time out and full body delicious massages. You see – what more could a girl ask for? I felt exceptionally special and was so happy to have my nearest and dearest around me. On Monday (my birthday proper) I had Lemon Meringue Pie from the Italian Cafe in Llandysul (again a fantastic place which makes the best Lemon Meringue Pie. Whaaat??? You think I like Italian food? Nah – just LOVE it). YUMDIDDILY SCRUMPTIOUS. Oooh and I had a Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate which is definitely the way for Hot Chocolate to go.

So actually, in spite of my tantrums about getting older, I had a most fantastic time and the most fantastic food.

Food, friends, family and laughter – basically perfect.

As for things since then, well apart from our neighbours being prats, it’s been pretty much work, uni, work. We went and watched a bouldering competition last Friday which was awesuuum and highlighted to us just how rubbish we are! But it put a spark in our sparkly knickers and made us all fired up to Get Better at climbing. So we’re hitting the wall all day on Sunday and I’m properly looking forward to it. (Good grammar J) I’ve also finally decided to change the pedals on my bike! Since they were pretty much stopping me from going out. Thought process = oooh sun is shining, woods close by, bike? Argh, pedals, yuk, no. *sigh* So whilst my new pedals are on order, (spiffy ones that are normal on one side and cleats on the other, cos I do like how easy they make hills, but normal pedals for technical bits so I don’t have to fall off quite so much) I’ve decided to use my old pedals. Only problem was that the pedals were on so tight I had to take my bike back to the shop to get them loosened! However, now that’s done I should hopefully have a thought process something like= oooh, it’s not raining, woods close by, bike? YEAH BABY LET’S GO! J Kinda looking forward to it.

And of course, this year’s lessons continue to sink in slowly through my Brita Jug Brain, but it’s just not right, right now to be writing about them. Sometimes I just wonder if I should give up and concentrate full time on perfecting the sock goblin’s dance…


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  1. Yay for the sock goblins 🙂

  2. YAY for comments !!!!

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